Hello, it's been a while since I published my first (and only) post on this blog.

Today, I came across this tweet:

And I thought:

Digital Gardens? I love gardening!
How do I obtain and care for these virtual plants?

Which, in turn, led me to click on two links in that thread.
This post by Joel Hooks:


And this other post, by Tom Critchlow:


And it suddenly clicked.

I "started" this blog about a year ago, and during that time it only featured a single post.
I had written a two more in a previous iteration of this site, but never bothered to move them to this one. And so my lonely post sat idly by in what was supposed to be my "personal blog".

My biggest problem was that I was never sure if I what I wanted to write was "interesting enough", or "never written about". As a software engineer, I have always thought that the blogs of other engineers were  a source of technical knowledge, a place where your go and learn how to setup X program, how to use Y library with Z, and how to fix W problem in my Fedora installation.

I've solved many problems with my laptop setup, and even more so in my day job, by using several of these blogposts at a time, and sometimes even if the answer wasn't completely in once place, I could pull it off.
But I never tried to collect all those steps to the solution in a single place, I never tried to post it online. And it was all because of fear.

Fear of being wrong, fear of being unoriginal, fear of not being read.

But after reading this posts, I discovered that there was another way. A way were I could make things here "mine", be it random thoughts or well-explained tutorials, with no sense of continuity or commitment to completion. I would post things firstly for myself, and they may help others, or not!

So here I am, plating the very first seed of my new garden.
A privately cared for, and publicly accesible, collection of my ideas.

pink dahlias at sunset bokeh
Photo by Irina Iriser / Unsplash